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          Shenzhen XSY Lighting Co.,Ltd

          Features and advantages of LED lighting products

          2018-10-17(5335) Browse

          Since the beginning of 1968, the first LED to enter the market , has more than 30 years . With improvements in the development of new materials and technology , LED tends to highlight technology and full color . GaN blue LED substrate emergence is extended LED applications. Currently the main application areas include large-screen color LED displays , lighting , lasers, multimedia imaging , LCD background light source , detector, traffic lights , instrumentation, fiber optic communications, satellite communications , marine communications and optical pattern recognition , etc., but also mainly used for lighting and display.

          LED is produced by a superconducting super high intensity light emitting crystals , it emits very little heat , unlike incandescent lamps that waste too much heat, unlike fluorescent lamps , as a result of high energy consumption and produce toxic gases , unlike neon as required high voltage and easily damaged. LED has been globally recognized as the next generation of environmentally-friendly high-tech light sources.

          LED with high light performance than traditional neon lights save more than 80% of electricity , safe and reliable . LED changed the incandescent tungsten light with three-color dye -emitting energy-saving lamps , and use of electric light . LED light source has a long life, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, no radiation ? ** LED spectrum almost all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, the luminous efficiency of up to 80% to 90 %. The LED with ordinary incandescent lamps, spiral energy saving lamps and T5 fluorescent trichromatic compare their results showed that: ordinary incandescent light efficiency of 12lm / W, life expectancy is less than 2000h; spiral CFL light efficiency is 60lm / W, life expectancy is less than 8000h; T5 trichromatic fluorescent light efficiency compared to 96lm / W, life is about 10000h; while the diameter of 5mm white LED luminous efficiency of 20 ~ 28lm / W, life can be more than 100000h.

          (1) LED lighting products

          After Edison invented the carbon filament incandescent lamp in 1879 , lighting technology will enter a new era . Recalling the history of the 20th century lighting , fluorescent lamps , mercury lamps , high / low pressure sodium , metal halide lamps , compact fluorescent lamps , high-frequency and microwave electrodeless fluorescent lamps and other new sources of sulfur endless . Incandescent come from that day on with congenital defects , tungsten heating power consumption, light bulbs fragile and prone to shock people . Although energy- saving fluorescent light than incandescent , but detrimental to human vision , the mercury inside the lamp is also harmful to humans and the environment . Lead to a qualitative change in the real lighting technology or LED. Compared with traditional lighting technologies , LED biggest difference is the different structures and materials , it is a way to convert electrical energy into visible light semiconductor , upper and lower layers with electrodes , the middle conductive material, luminescent material in the two electrodes mezzanine , the color of light depending on the material properties vary .

          LED cold light source are all solid , smaller , lighter, more robust structure and low voltage, long life . According to the usual definition of luminous efficiency , LED luminous efficiency is not high, but the LED spectrum almost entirely concentrated in the visible light spectrum, efficiency up to 80% to 90 %. Visible light efficiency and the efficiency of incandescent equivalent only 10 % to 20 %. Single LED power is generally 0.05 ~ 1W, to meet the different needs through the cluster approach .

          LED lighting products that use LED as a light source manufactured lighting applications in the field of LED lighting emitting products are attracting the world 's attention. As a new green LED lighting products , the inevitable trend of future development in the 21st century will enter the new era of LED lighting as the representative .

          Advantages (2) LED light source

          ① new green light : LED cold light source using a small glare, no radiation, no use of harmful substances. LED 's operating voltage is low, the DC drive, ultra-low power consumption ( single tube 0.03 ~ 0.06W), electro-optical power conversion close to 100% , under the same lighting effects than traditional energy sources more than 80%. LED 's environmental benefits of better , no ultraviolet and infrared spectra , and recyclable waste , no pollution , no mercury elements , safe touch , typical of the green lighting.

          ② Long life : LED is solid cold light source, epoxy resin, anti-vibration, light body and no loose parts , there is no filament light easy to burn , heat deposition , the light fades and other shortcomings , the service life of up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times the life of traditional light sources . LED performance and stability , can work normally under -30 ~ +50 oC environment.

          ③ Multi- transform : LED light source can make use of red, green and blue color theory , under the control of computer technology to make three kinds of colors with 256 gray scale , and any mix , you can generate 256X256X256 ( ie 16777216 ) colors to form a different light color combination. LED color changing light combination can achieve a variety of dynamic effects and variety of images.

          ④ high-tech : Compared with conventional light sources glow , LED lighting is low voltage microelectronic products , the successful integration of computer technology, network communication technology, image processing and embedded control technology. Chip size used in conventional LED lights for 0.25mmX0.25nm, while the size of LED lighting are generally required in 1.0mmX1.0mm more. Working Desktop LED die molded structure , inverted pyramid structure and flip-chip design can improve the luminous efficiency , thus sending more light. The innovative design of the LED package includes a substrate of high conductivity metal block , the flip chip design and the naked disc cast lead frame type , these methods can design a high power, low thermal resistance of the device used , and illumination than conventional LED devices greater illumination products .

          Currently a typical high- flux LED device can produce a few to tens of lumens lumens , updated design can be integrated more LED in a single device , or install multiple devices in a single assembly , thus making the number of lumens output the equivalent of a small incandescent lamp. For example, a monochromatic high-power LED chip 12 can output light energy 200lm device , the consumed power is between 10 ~ 15W.

          Application of LED light source is very flexible and can be made of points, lines , surfaces of various forms of portable products ; controlled LED is extremely convenient, as long as the adjustment of current, you can freely adjust the light ; great variety of different combinations of light and color , the use of timing control circuit , can be better achieved a variety of dynamic effects. LED lighting has been widely used in various devices, such as battery-powered flash, miniature voice-activated lights , security lights, outdoor and indoor stair lighting roads and buildings and mark the continuous lighting.

          White LED appears , is a substantial step from identifying features LED lighting function taken to the . White LED closest to the sun , more better reflect the true color of illumination of the object, so from a technical standpoint , LED white LED is undoubtedly the most sophisticated technology. Currently, the white LED has entered a number of application areas , emergency lights , flashlights, flash and other products have come out , but because the price is very expensive , and therefore difficult to spread. White LED universal premise that prices fell , while prices have dropped in a certain market size white LED only possible , ultimately depends on the integration of both technological advances .

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